Top 5 Ways To Get In Shape Outdoors

Top 5 Ways To get in shape outdoors

There are few better ways to get in shape than to go outside and put some miles behind you. But there’s so man options it seems like deciding what to do can take up as much time as a workout. Now there are plenty of great websites out there that have loads of great outdoor workouts, but we’re here to save you some time and show you the Top 5 Ways To Get In Shape Outdoors

1. Walking

Walking may not be the fastest way to get in shape, but it is probably the most reliable. Especially when you consider the low risk of injury. On the plus side walking is a great way to burn some extra calories and get your head on straight. If you’re looking to clear your mind and listen to some relaxing music, then walking may just be the choice workout that you are looking for. Although tracking your progress can be a little bit tricky, but that’s what a good pedometer is for!

2. Bike Riding

If you have some good trails nearby then bike riding is definitely a good option. It’s low impact, and gives a great leg workout, while burning tons of calories. And don’t think you have to spend an arm and a leg getting a good bike if you don’t have one. Remember the bikes they use for Tour de France, are built for performance, but it’s better to get a bike you’re comfortable with for working out. Seeing as you are going to spend some time on it. Plus your less likely to skip your workout if you don’t dread sitting on that painful seat!


3. Running

Alright I suppose running had to be somewhere on this list. Running may be high impact, but there are few things more efficient at burning calories for the amount of time spent doing it. It also aids in cardiovascular conditioning, so you are less likely to get winded climbing up those flights of stairs. Of coarse you should make sure to invest in a good pair of running shoes. This can save you a whole lot of back-ache.

4. Hiking

What’s between running and walking you ask, well that would be hiking. It’s not as high of impact, but it can be a bit more travel intensive to find a good spot. There’s nothing like a good hike though, climbing through nature, and if you get high enough in the mountains there is a good chance you can beat the summer heat! Still your are going to want a water bottle, and maybe some trail snacks.

5. Wake Boarding!

Alright, this one probably takes the most investment to get started, but wake boarding or water skiing is a killer workout. Plus you get the added benefit of cooling off in a lake, so no sweat! Though, it’s really more of a fun way to spend the weekend with your friends than to be your workout staple. Still if you can make it work, it’s a whole lot of fun!



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