Top 5 pieces of at home gym equipment that actually work!

top 5 at-home equipment that actually work

I was curious what other people thought were the best pieces of at home exercise equipment, and It seems every time you turn on the TV nowadays, you are inundated with every piece of workout equipment imaginable, and every single one makes a promise to bring you that perfect body in no time. Of coarse the greater part of them are total garbage, so where does the truth lie? Well I’ve had plenty of experience with this concept, and wanted to throw in my two cents. So here’s the list of top 5 pieces of at-home gym equipment that actually work!

  1. The Total Gym

I’m sure everyone everywhere has seen that cheesy commercial featuring Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, but as it turns out the Total Gym is a great machine! I personally have the XLS model-

And I love it! This is a sturdy piece of equipment that performs as advertised. Use this as they recommend and you can get in quite amazing shape.


Affordable (considering it covers every major muscle group)

Sturdy – this thing will last a long time

Effective you can get a great workout on one of these


It’s HEAVY, I often make the joke that it weighs as much as a full gym

It doesn’t fold under a bed (at lease not every bed, It’s a bit bigger than you would think)

It doesn’t scale up well – What I mean here is that if you are looking to get a good leg workout, at first that’s possible, but you can quickly outpace the weight required to do so. You can add a bar and weights to the machine to increase the load, but at that point you might as well do squats with the bar.

2. Bowflex Select Tech weights

It sounds like a simple and possibly stupid idea, but it takes the pain out of changing weights. All you have to do is twist the end till it clicks and BAM, it’s the weight you want. This is perfect for doing rapid drop sets!


Inexpensive for what you can do with them

Easy to use

Great for beginners


Not the cheapest for a set of dumbells

Can’t add more weight than total capacity

3. The Bowflex Home Gym

The regular Bowflex may seem a little weird, but it is surprisingly effective. It’s a great tool for beginners as well as advanced users. Although, it does have it’s limitations.


Great selection of workouts you can do

Comfortable and easy to use


Doesn’t scale up well (the cheaper models have less bows, and therefore limited resistance)

Not as small as you would like it to be

4. Tone Fitness Ab Toning Wheel

It’s a wheel on a stick! How good can it be? Great actually! This thing will get your abs one of the best workouts imaginable, and it’s very convenient to use.


Way more effective than you would think!

Small and easy to stow away

Very cheap


Not for beginners (really takes some strength to use correctly)

Single tasker (It works your abs… That’s about it…)

5. Weilder Power Tower

If you are looking to do body-weight exercises, then this is it. It’s sturdy, and very straight forward.


It’s simple, jump on it and get to work

It’s durable, I don’t even know how you would break this thing on accident, it would mess up most cars before it broke

Great range of exercises!


It doesn’t store well. You are basically going to put this where you want it, and that is it.

It’s not for beginners. You are going to have to be in pretty good shape to make use of one of these.

Well there you have it, though this is by no means a comprehensive list, these will definitely work, which is a comfort knowing that not everything out there isn’t worth your time.





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