A little bit about myself:

My Name is Robert Sullivan, and I used to be overweight. Not just a little either! When I was in high-school, I started gaining seriously. the combination of bad diet, low activity, and no portion control caused me to balloon like crazy. But then things got even worse when I left school. I got up to 270 lbs a few years after that. I just loved food and videogames. Now I still love both of those, so it made typical diet and weightloss programs difficult.

I poured through them all trying to find a solution, but all I was able to get from them was small gleaning of truth. But that's when it hit me! All of these diets and weightloss programs only had one part of the picture. Calorie restriction, carb cutting, glycemic index, etc, each one has a way that they can work, and a way that they can fail! Now that was a shocker to me. But when I put all the pieces together... BAM! I had a working weightloss program that was-


After I started my plan for weightloss, I lost... (drum roll please)


And it turns out it wasn't even all that hard. I still play videogames, I still eat the food that I like(In fact I actually eat better food now than I did back then!)

Sounds pretty awesome right? Well it gets even better, because my plan had:

  • No calorie counting
  • No going hungry
  • No tasteless food
  • No crash dieting
  • No complicated phases to keep track of
  • And no expensive diet food!

Yeah, and I've kept off the weight since 2010, so no yoyo-ing. Now I was happy with that. But then it hit me, see I'm already an author, so why not write a weightloss book and share the goodness with everybody else? Well that's what I did. I present to you "I Am So Sick of Dieting"

Now I'm not saying it's the only weightloss system that works, but as a writer who spends a lot of time behind a desk all day, and one that likes food at that, it was definitely the one for me.

Oh and FYI, if you have an amazon unlimited account you can read this book for FREE!!!

I hope it helps you out as much as it did for me.

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