The 5 Rules For Weight-Loss

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5 Rules For Weight Loss

Story time! About 10 years ago I was grossly overweight. I mean I was really packing on the pounds. As a video game fanatic and a lover of food things weren’t looking good…

The Bet

So I was seriously gaining weight, but I wasn’t alone. See this guy I knew was in the same boat as me. Alright maybe he didn’t love video games as much but he was a little heavier than me, so it was roughly about the same. Anyway, one day we decided to kick the weight for good, and he throws me this bet. Whoever can get down to 230lbs first gets a steak dinner, courtesy of the other better of course. Well the bet kind of faded away, but I went out and did my research. I actually spent quite a bit of time looking up every single diet I could, and I found something interesting, each one of them had some nugget of truth, but they also had a flaw, something which would cause the program to fail. So taking the knowledge I gained, I went and created these five rules to weight loss.

Number 1: Never go hungry

This one sounds kind of odd at first. You’ve heard it before, I’m sure, the key to losing weight is eating less. And that is true! But there is more to it than that. See when you starve yourself the body does a couple of really bad things. First it goes into starvation mode. In this state your body decides it wants to hold on to every piece of fat it can, and it actually becomes three times more efficient at storing fat! Then the second thing that it does is destroy muscle. This is terrible, because muscle helps you burn more calories, it also keeps you looking good, and feeling healthy. So I made this a rule.

Number 2: Never be full

The second rule seems to contradict the first one, but trust me it doesn’t. The idea here is to eat just enough food so that you don’t go hungry, but not so much that you ever feel full. Our bodies want food, but when we gorge ourselves it stores the extra as fat. The cool part is, your body doesn’t actually want to store fat! See it wants to get to a point where it is taking care of as little as possible. So if you don’t ever overeat, then guess what, you naturally lose weight.

Number 3: Don’t eat too much sugar, grain, starches, or unhealthy food

Ok so sugar, grain, starch, what’s this all about? Our bodies produce a hormone called insulin (yes the one that diabetics have trouble with). Insulin is the hormone that signals our cells to store fat. So if you know what causes your body to make insulin… Get the picture? Sugar, grain(yes even whole grain), and starchy foods(think potatoes) all break down into sugar in our bloodstream. Well guess what? Sugar is what makes our body produce loads of insulin! So if we limit these things we limit our body’s ability to store fat. Now that sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it?

There is one more little part to this. I also mentioned unhealthy food, but I don’t necessarily mean what you think. Did you know that artificial sweeteners are broken down by our liver? Well any toxin is broken down by our liver, but this is interesting because our liver is also responsible for turning fat into glucagon (a form of energy) So if your body is too busy taking care artificial sweeteners to do it’s other job, then you’re going to have a hard time losing weight. So do yourself a favor and drop that stuff in the trash where it belongs. (It doesn’t even taste that good anyway!)

Number 4: Never cut out a food group

The fourth rule is pretty straight forward. Never cut out a food group (there are a few exceptions I’ll cover in a bit.) it turns out that our bodies actually need a pretty diverse set of foods in order to function properly, and grains in moderation provide us vital nutrients (B vitamins) that help us to feel energetic and normal. The problem with cutting out a major food group all together is worse than that though. Removing carbs from your diet altogether may seem like a good idea, but it can actually kill you. It can cause kidney failure, and in extreme situations protein poisoning. So don’t do it, just remember, moderation.

As for those who are vegetarian you are going to have to make extra sure that you are getting enough protein, a quick search online can tell you which veggies can fill that void. Vegans also face a difficult problem getting enough calcium. Once again you can look that up pretty easy.

Number 5: You must be active once a day

The last rule is easy. I’m not saying you have to go crazy here, just try to at least walk a couple miles a day. This makes a huge difference in both weight-loss efforts and quality of living. It not only burns extra calories, but it also keeps your bones, muscles, and brain healthy. It doesn’t have to be hard, thirty minutes is enough, and obviously if you are drastically overweight, you may have to work your way up to that.

Rest of the story:

So here’s the kicker, I lost 110lbs using those five rules, so I know they work. And the other person I made the bet with, well… He’s still got a way to go to get to 230. Guess I won that bet. (Though I never did get the steak dinner…) I also came up with loads of tips, tricks, and recipes that helped me lose the weight, all of which are covered in my book I am so sick of dieting. Make sure to check it out, it worked for me!





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